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I have learnt a lot about basic principles of critical care

Really good, informative course pitched at the perfect level for foundation trainees: content was all interesting and well delivered. I genuinely feel that I have learnt a lot about basic principles of critical care, which can be difficult to pick up on shift when it’s busy. All of the presentations appeared very professional…


Perfect amount of interaction

I enjoyed the course

I enjoyed the course, which was very informative and the format was great. Having break off groups was good and the case studies reinforced the points made in during the introductions of the workshops.

I found the course really useful

Well pitched for a CT1 in anaesthetics…the small group format worked well with good mixture of topics. I’m feeling more confident about starting my ICM module…

The Critical CARE Course was excellent

The course included a one-day, small-group, multiple interactive teaching sessions as well as a teaching manual that was distributed prior to the day. The teaching manual contents are very comprehensive and easily accessible to me with an FY1 knowledge base.  I think it will also be very useful later down the line for potential interview View Full →

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